: Would you be interested in attending an XP Deus Bootcamp but do not see a date or location that works for you?  Let us know what are(s) and time frame(s) along with the type of hunting you are interested in and we will see if we can setup a Bootcamp that fits your parameters as we have done this for several areas in the past.

NOTE: If you are a factory-authorized XP dealer and are planning to attend the training,
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2019 Bootcamp sessions are being scheduled . . the first dates & locations are shown below . . . they typically are booked in short order so if you are interested in attending one, make your reservations early!

Gettysburg, PA (June 29, 2019)
Instructors: Andy Sabisch and Hugh Campbell

The XP Deus Bootcamp is heading back to Gettysburg the weekend before the anniversary of the battle that made the small town in Pennsylvania famous.  Past participants agree that this location is ideal to not only learn your detector but take in the history that surrounds the town.  We will be putting what we cover in class to use in the field on ground that saw action during the battle so you have the possibility to find a relic of that epic battle. 

NOTE: We will cover the ORX as well since it shares many of the features with the Deus

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If you are interested in attending a Bootcamp, please drop us an E-mail so we can gauge interest which will help us schedule additional Bootcamp sessions

                                   Andy & Charlene Sabisch