The instructors at the XP Deus Bootcamp are avid treasure hunters and have 100's+ of hours using the Deus under a wide range of conditions.  This page will showcase some of the finds that they have made as well as from those that have attended one of the XP Deus Bootcamp sessions . . . . as you can see, investing a single day at one of the Bootcamps pays off every time you go out in the field.  Being more confident in the capabilities of your Deus will ensure you bring home more finds at the end of the day! 

We hope you get excited when you see what the Deus is capable of uncovering . . . . a day at one of the Bootcamps will let you start making finds like these in your area as well!

At the Amelia, VA Bootcamp, a long-time relic hunter from Virginia - Jerry Talley - loaded the deep relic program from the Bootcamp which was developed based on time in the field on numerous relic sites in different ground. After setting up his Deus - and having less than a week to play with it in order to gain familiarity with it, he headed to a site that had been pounded for decades near Petersburg, VA. How did he do? Well, he didn't pull out a Confederate cannon or anything quite as dramatic but remember, this site had been hunted to death by countless relic hunters over the years. Here is what he reported and what he found - "I was hunting a site that everyone has given up on including me. I got a peep of a signal, dug down so deep I thought it was a plate since 13 of them have come out of these woods over the years. The first bullet I hit was a shot Enfield crazy deep and I knew something still had to be in the hole. The second one was a 58 caliber 3 ringer, almost 3 times as deep as the Makro pinpointer was long, . It must have been something with the two of them to create this fluke since there is no way it will go this deep or will it?

Here are a few of the finds that Andy Sabisch has made using the Deus at sites from Florida to New York and the Atlantic Ocean to the Rocky Mountains.  "Worked Out" simply means a Deus has not been through it yet!