The XP Deus Bootcamp's are designed to ensure you know how to get every bit of performance you can out of the Deus for the specific type(s) of hunting you do and in any type of condition you might find yourself.   Photos from some of the previous Bootcamps are shown below . . . . don't miss out on attending one in your area as seating is limited and when we are filled, we can't extend the class size to avoid impacting those that are signed up.

The site for the in-field session in Aberdeen, MD was withing walking distance from the hotel but held finds that dated back to the 1820's . . . a lot of digging took place for sure!

The crew at the Brandford, CT Bootcamp . . . Bill Ladd, Daniel Bernzweig, Moe, Michael Bernzweig and Andy Sabisch.  XP Americas had the entire team there and combined with Todd Yerks, co-instructor, it was a super class with some great finds turning up in the field.

So can the Deus find keepers other detectors can't see?  These two wheat cents came out from more than 9" with the large rusted piece of junk touching one and immediately next to the other. 
The Bootcamp will show you how to do that and more!

Todd Yers, a.k.a. CT Todd, has assembled an impressive collection of relics dating back to when the country was founded.  Bootcamp attendees will find out how he finds what he does and have their detectors programmed with his latest settings . . .here are just a few of the finds he has made with his Deus.