The Deus is XP Metal Detector's flagship detector offering features and performance not found on any other detector - lightweight, totally wireless, extremely flexible and upgradeable - but unlocking all of what it is capable of can take time. Well, that learning curve has just been eliminated!


We're excited to announce that Andy Sabisch, well-known treasure hunter and veteran XP user, and Hugh Campbell, veteran relic hunter, are conducting a factory-authorized Bootcamp Training Course designed to allow you to understand all of the features on the Deus & ORX and maximize their performance under any condition and for any application you might come across. Yes they are small and compact, lightweight and extremely simple looking but they are extremely powerful and feature rich so let Andy & Hugh show you how to get the most out of this amazing detector!


The Bootcamp will consist of a classroom setting followed by an infield session that will allow you to put what was covered into practice and see how slight adjustments can make a huge difference in performance. Most importantly, you will understand WHY you made the change and HOW to determine what the optimal setting is for your area and the type of targets you are searching for rather than relying on settings provided by someone 1,000 miles away where conditions might be quite different.


The agenda has been designed to be both enjoyable and informative. It is a day designed to get you both comfortable with all aspects of the Deus and confident in its use. It is a combination of classroom instruction followed by time in the field where you will be able to put what you learned to the test.

Beverages, snacks and lunch will be provided during the classroom portion as will beverages in the field.

There will be planted targets in multiple test gardens to allow you to see how slight adjustments can make a big difference in terms of what you bring home as well as natural targets that will test your skills. We will have a wide assortment of targets that you can check responses on and then use them to create custom patterns for the type of hunting you do. Hands-on experience is priceless in putting what you've learned into practice. When you get home, you will KNOW how to put your Deus to use and most importantly, UNDERSTAND what it is telling you.

Some of the additional benefits received from attending the XP Deus Bootcamp include:


  • Discount on signed copy of Andy Sabisch's updated The XP Deus Handbook . . . even XP says this is a "must-have" reference guide!
  • An XP "goodie bag"
  • Direct access to Andy Sabisch when you have questions on your Deus . . . call on your cell phone from the field and get real-time, technically accurate information


If you do not have a Deus or ORX yet and are considering purchasing one, attending the Bootcamp is the perfect opportunity to make an informed decision and start out knowing how to use these detectors. There will be demo units available at the Bootcamp if you do not have one yet . . . let us know so we will have enough units available.

The In-field training session will include a competition hunt of sorts in that there will be tokens buried throughout the site good for prizes and accessories